Terms of Service

The acceptance of the following terms and conditions are a prerequisite for any purchases made with Loda.com. This agreement defines the rights and responsibilities of both Loda.com and any parties, whether individuals or businesses, who wish to purchase products from Loda.com.  For the purpose of this agreement, the following terms will define which party is being referred to: We, Our, the website or Loda.com refers to the company and website Loda.com. You, Your, Customer(s), and The Customer refers to the individuals or businesses who wish to complete a transaction with Loda.com.

In the event that any party does not understand the following terms and conditions, they should not accept them. If they desire a more concise explanation of any part of this document, the party in question may direct their inquiries to sales@loda.com and a representative will be happy to assist them.

Use of Site and Accounts:

Loda.com reserves the right to deny service to users it deems to be a threat to the secutity or integrity of its website. Suspicious activity, including but not limited to: attempted secutity exploits, spamming, data-mining, etc, can be grounds for denial of services on Loda.com and potential legal action. If you have concerns about how your data is being manages on our website, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Sales Tax:

Loda.com charges sales tax in two states: Colorado, and California. If you reside in these two states, and want to submit a tax-exempt certificate to us, please scan and email this to sales@loda.com with the subject of “Tax License Submission:” and your company name. Once Loda.com receives this license, Loda.com will modify your account to ignore future tax charges.

Payment Methods:

1.) Loda.com has set-up this site to accept all major credit cards except Discover. Your credit card statement will list the following name as the processor: LODA. We will automatically authorize your card to confirm that the balance on the card is sufficient to pay the full amount of your order. After authorization, your order will be processed and funds will be captured once your order ships. You agree to let us pre-authorize your credit card and acknowledge that, for a brief period, funds may be withheld by the issuer of your credit card as a result of our authorization request.

2.) Other payment methods, such as wire transfer and E-Check, have not yet been added as a function on the site but will be included soon. If you wish to make a payment utilizing one of these methods please contact our sales department at sales@Loda.com and we will help make the necessary arrangements. You, the customer, acknowledge that a fee will be assessed for any payments that are reversed due to insufficient funds or cancellation. This fee will be based upon a percentage of your order.

Shipment Processing:

The customer acknowledges that the cost of shipping will be applied to all purchases, unless otherwise noted on the product page. Likewise, the customer acknowledges that shipping costs will cary according to the specific parcel service, weight, and number of packages that will be included in an order. As of now (September, 2012) shipping costs will not be automatically collected and when you check out additional costs will be charged to your in the exact amount of the shipping cost once your shipment has been completed. If necessary, a Loda representative may be in touch with you to collect payment information if they are unable to add the charges to the account provided by the customer.

If an item you have requested is not currently available for shipping Loda.com will contact you via the email address you provided and provide an approximate shipping date. If the customer requests that the order be processed immediately, Loda Enterprises may request that some items be sent directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. If this request is made, the customer acknowledges that additional shipping charges will be accrued.

Policy Modification:

Loda.com values the business of all of its customers and is dedicated to honoring all of its policies; however, due to a wide variety of possible issues, Loda.com reserves the right to alter its terms and conditions at any time, without notice. This includes the alteration of item pricing, addition of fees, cancellation of orders, or payments. . If an order is cancelled, a customer will be notified of a reason within one to two business days via email. If a price change occurs or fees are added to an order, Loda.com agrees to begin altering the effected parts of the website within one business week. If a dispute occurs, customers have the right to file a complaint by clicking the Contact Us link on the website, or sending an email to sales@loda.com with “Dispute” and your name in the subject line.

Return Policy:

Customers have the right to request a refund within one month of their purchase. Refunds will be granted only if the product was determined to be defective or otherwise unusable by the customer. Damages caused by mishandling, such as fire or other accidents, will not be refunded. The customer assumes all responsibility for returning the defective product to our offices, including shipping or other additional fees. Loda.com will charge a 20% restocking fee on any returns that are not found to be defective (e.g. if the customer ordered the wrong size label). If the item is found to be defective or unusable due to a mistake during manufacturing, the customer is entitled to a full refund but is still responsible for shipping charges and delivery of the defective item to Loda.com’s offices. If the customer wishes they may apply the value of the returned product, minus any restocking fees, towards the purchase of replacement items.