Meto 622 Price Gun (148123)

Meto 622 Price Gun

• One Line• 6-Band• $99.99 Maximum Dollar Amount• 7/8″ x 15/32″ Wavy Label• Tamper-Proof Design• Multipurpose Adhesive • 21,000 Labels Per Box/Sleeve• 252,000 Labels Per Case• Ink Roller Included With Each Box/Sleeve• More Options Available, Call or Write for Details! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call or write us today and we’ll help you find it!



About the Gun:
This 6-band, one line pricing tool is durable, ease to use, and reliable! Each line prints number 0-9 and has at least one field for either the dollar or cents symbol. It can print a maximum dollar amount of $99.99 and has fields for “Tax” and “For”. For a more detailed diagram, please consult the images listed on this product page.
About the Labels:
The Meto 622 uses Meto Series #2200 labels, which measure 7/8″ x 15/32″. Standard labels come with a tamperproof design that makes it difficult to remove labels and manipulate pricing, as well as a multi-purpose adhesive designed for use on a wide variety of surfaces. Each box/sleeve of labels includes a complimentary Meto Ink Roller for the 622 Price Gun and a total of 21,000 individual labels. Individual ink-rollers are also available for purchase. A complete case of labels is 12 boxes/sleeves, for a total of 252,000 individual labels.
We carry five different colors available for online purchase (white, yellow, red, green, and orange) and provide discounts based on the total number of boxes/sleeves bought. If you are planning to purchase at the case-quantity level, we advise you to contact us for pricing information. Along with the five colors listed online we also provide custom labels that are designed to meet your specific needs.f you don’t see the label you are looking for, please contact us by phone or e-mail to ask about our custom options. Examples include (but aren’t limited to): Custom pre-printing of company name, custom pre-printed department names (Dairy, Meat, etc.), food-grade labels, and water-soluble labels.

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