Eclipse Mini+ ACU-1 Inline Finisher

Eclipse Mini+ ACU-1 Inline Finisher

Mini+ Series Specifications

  • Cut any shape without using a die.
  • Compatible with Epson ColorWorks 6000 / 6500 / 7500 printers.
  • Produce any volume of labels in any shape, in house without the need for dies, minimums, or lead times.
  • Prints inline, laminates, removes matrix, slits, rewinds, and cuts.
  • Includes table, printer, accumulator, & starter set of inks, cut mats, knives, slitters.
  • Cutting software included, compatible with Adobe pdfs.
  • Cuts up to 8.6″, media width of 9″.
  • ACU-4 Model also available. See product page for more details.
  • Lightweight design and small profile.



No dies, no moving rolls, no problem!

No need to swap rolls from the printer to the cutter.
Fewer moving parts means more ease of use.
No need for dies, long lead times, or high minimums.
Small footprint to fit most workshops.

In-line Label Printing & Finishing:

Nearly every plot cutter on the market today can laminate, cut, slit, & rewind a printed label, but none can integrate with a printer so that users can send their labels directly into the finishing systems. The Eclipse Mini+ series of plot cutters & Epson ColorWorks printers have changed all of that.

The Mini+ cutting system performs all of the tasks of a percision plot cutter, including an 8.6″ cut width (9″ media width), 8″ outer diameter (OD) roll capacity, 31.5″ axial cut speed, lamination, matrix-removal, slitting, edge-trim, and rewind. When paired with the ACU-1 accumulator, though, it is also able to communicate with the interface on the Epson ColorWorks 6000, 6500, or 7500 printers in order to print directly into the plot cutter itself. The dancer arm on the ACU-1 communicates between the printer and the plot cutter, telling each device when to start and stop. This also has the benefit of alerting the operator whenever there is an error or a need for maintenance on either side of the unit. If ink or a drag knife needs to be replaced or maintained, an operator doesn’t need to stop production in order to do it. Production can continue while the maintenance is done, & productivity is increased!

Additional information

Weight 320 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 21 × 23 in
Available Options:

Currently, there are three different printers the Eclipse Mini+ ACU Series can be integrated with: The Epson ColorWorks C6000, C6500, and 7500. When selecting among these models, it is important to pick the one you want because the machine will be configured at the time it is manufactured in order to work with that specific model of printer. It is possible to reconfigure the machine after that point, but will require factory service or an on-site technician visit.

Matte Versus Gloss

Please note that the C6000/C6500 series printers come in Matte and Gloss models. Both machines are capable of printing on both matte and gloss material; however, the matte models will print a superior black, especially on matte material, compared to gloss models. If you are looking to print pristine black, you probably want to go with the matte model of printer. If you want the capability to print on both matte and gloss stock, you likely want to select the gloss model. If you are unsure about which to pick, please contact us for more information and a representative will be happy to help!

Printer Model:

Epson ColorWorks 6000a Matte, Epson ColorWorks 6000a Gloss, Epson ColorWorks 6500a Matte, Epson ColorWorks 6500a Gloss, Epson ColorWorks 7500 Gloss, Epson ColorWorks 7500 Matte


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