DLF-220L / DLF-350L Digital Label Finisher Series

DLF-220L / DLF-350L Digital Label Finisher Series

DLF-220L / DLF-350L Digital Label Finisher Series Specifications

  • Cut any shape without using a die.
  • Compatible with any roll-to-roll color printing system.
  • Produce professional short-run labels in-house without the need to purchase high-minimum volumes.
  • Applies laminate, removes matrix, slits, rewinds, and cuts.
  • Small, tabletop profile.
  • Cutting software included, compatible with Adobe pdfs.
  • Widths ranging from 3.94″ to 8.86″.
  • 2 models available, with 4″ and 8.5″ width capability.
  • Steel Construction.
  • 0.75″ minimum slitting width.



Make Your Own Labels!

Looking to make your own labels in-house? Need to produce small numbers of labels in various sizes? Try pairing one of our Afinia Printers with the DLF 220L or DLF 350L and let the results speak for themselves! This all-in-one finisher can apply laminate to your printed labels, cut the shape you desire, slit them down, remove matrix, and rewind them onto multiple-across rolls. The 220S is an ideal companion with the Afinia L801 or L901, while the 350L is compatible with machines that can as wide as 13″!

Cut any shape digitally, without the use of dies!

The DLF-220L and DLF-350L (max 250mm width)
are small-footprint versions of our full-size label finishers, designed
for tabletop use.

Not what you’re looking for?

We carry a wide selection of color printers, thermal transfer printers, finishers, and other options that may suit your needs. You can check those products out online, email us, or give us a call at 800-654-5331. Let us know what you need and one of our experts can help find the right product for you!

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Specifications Vary

Specifications vary depending on the model number you select. Please download the specifications sheet listed above to see all of the available options.


DLF 220L, DLF-350L


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