Dennison Super Heavy Duty Horticulture Tagging Gun (11058 0)

Compatible with 1in & 1/2in Paddles & 1/2in fasteners 5000 paddles/fasteners per box 50,000 paddles/fasteners per case.Other barbs, needles, tools and supplies available in fine, regular, heavy duty and super heavy duty.For more information, view the attachment tools section or write us today.



There have been few changes to the basic design for attachment tools since they were first introduced to the garment industry in the mid-1960’s, by Avery-Dennison. The original design was so effective, efficient, and dependable that the only major alterations to the design have been made in order to accomidate new applications beyond attaching labels to garments. Today, companies use these tools on a regular basis in a range of different settings. Industries from meat-packing to medicine, and from clothing stores to garden centers have taken advantage of these tools, and continue to do so. While attachment tools can fill a wide variety of needs, you need to consider what yours are before making your purchase to ensure that you will get the right tool for the job.

Needles and Barbs:

Fine – Best suited for fine fabrics (such as silk), where a larger needle gauge might damage the material. Fine needles are the smallest available and are designed for customers who want to make sure thy can mark their products without damaging them.

Regular – This combination of tools is the most comprehensive of them all. The regular needle is small enough to attach to fabrics like cotton or wool, but durable enough to pierce thicker materials (i.e. denim) as well.

Heavy-Duty – Originally designed for use in horticulture, these needles are also popular for meat-packing companies and other businesses that deal with thicker, more durable materials. Both the needles and the guns are specially designed to resist corrosion and are easier to clean inside and out. If you are looking for something that can pierce a pot-liner, piece of rubber, or branch, this product will work for you.

Super-Heavy Duty – Like Heavy-Duty, the Super-Heavy-Duty needle is designed for the toughest materials. Its needle gauge is larger than any other and the nylon plastics used in these guns are the strongest available. If you are looking to pierce extra-thick materials, or to hang products from your barbs and hooks then we recommend going with this product.

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