Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator – Efficient and Accurate Labeling for Cylindrical Containers

The A200 is a semi-automatic labeling machine designed for applying labels on rolls to bottles, cans, jars, and other types of cylindrical containers. Both single and front-and-back labels can be applied with a simple push of a button, or with the included foot pedal. An easy-to-use calculator is available to quickly determine values for perfect placement and gap widths. The ultrasonic media sensor is easily trained to detect gaps in a wider range of media than mechanical flag sensors common in other applicators, allowing the A200 to perform consistently, even on thin materials. Labels are applied evenly, efficiently, and with consistent accuracy.

Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator Specifications Sheet



Save Money by Saving Time!

Elevate your brand presence and lower your costs by automating the process of label application with the Afinia Label’s A200 bottle label applicator, available from Loda Enterprises. Hand-applying labels to cylindrical packaging can be a time-consuming and wasteful process, with inconsistent results that can hurt your brand.

With the A200, you can put labels onto most cylindrical packaging, including cans, bottles, and jars, with a high rate of consistency, ensuring straight and accurate label placement every time. No more off-kilter positioning, wrinkled or wasted labels, or packaging that needs to be thrown away. By automating the label application process, you can triple or even quadruple the amount of labels being applied in the same amount of time as hand-applying.

With less labor and less waste, the A200 saves you time and money, freeing up resources that can be used for other purposes. Present your product with precision and consistency while increasing your productivity and cutting costs. Get your Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator from Loda Enterprises today and see the difference it can make for your business.

Afinia A200 Bottle Label Applicator - Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine for Bottles and Cans

Stop Wasting Time and Labor:

Mark your products using the A200 and save headaches. Efficiently, accurately, and quickly label your items so you can get back to doing what you do best!

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Additional information

Weight 26.5 lbs
Model Number:

365mm (14.4") W, 245mm (9.5") H, 330mm (13") D


12kg (26.5 lbs)

Container Height:

80 to 240mm (3.15 to 9.45 inches)

Core size:

46 to 76mm (1.8 to 3 inches)

Label width:

25 to 150mm (1 to 6 inches)

Label length:

25 to 500mm (1 to 19.68 inches)

Label gap:

>2.5mm (.1 inches)

Dispensing speed:

0.1m/sec (4 in/sec)

Supply voltage:

North America – 110V AC, 60 Hz
Europe, Middle East, Asia – 220V AC, 50Hz


One year


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