8in x 1in Thermal Pot Tag, Nine Colors, (PX5181T) – 1m/Roll

PX5181T: Thermal Pot Tag:

All prices listed are per roll.
  • 1,000 tags per roll,
  • 4,000 labels / tags per case.
  • 8 inches wide x 1 inch tall.
  • Durable 24mil polyethylene (PX) Material.
  • 9 colors of pot tags available (White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Pink, Lavender, Tan, Lime).
  • Custom pot tag colors are available, contact us for more details. Minimum volumes required.

Are you looking for a different size of pot tag? Maybe plant tags or labels other than pot stakes? Check out the rest of our horticulture products here, or Sato’s full catalog!



Thermal Transfer Pot Tags That Are Durable, Rigid, and Designed to Last:

Sato’s PX Pot Tags have been a mainstay in horticulture, research, and growers everywhere for generations now because they can be relied on. Their 24mil thickness put them among the thickest printable tags on the market. Combined with the right ribbon can make what you put on them last for what seems like forever! Guaranteed to last for one full growing season. They come in a wide selection of sizes and up to nine colors! These pot tags are guaranteed to perform the way you need them to!

Check Your Printer Model For Pot Tag Thickness!

These tags are so thick that only certain printers are capable of printing on them, like the TXP models by Sato, or the HD830i by GoDex. If you’re looking for a pot tag that is compatible with more common thermal transfer printers, try the thinner ZX tags in our catalog. If you have questions, give us a call or email sales@loda.com. We will be happy to help!

Custom Printed Pot Tags:

Loda also provides custom printing for all our horticulture products! We can print your logo on one or both sides of your pot stakes. We can also print all your plant information from a database, if desired! Different colors of ribbon are available, leaving you with plenty of custom options. Check out our custom printing page or call us at 800-654-5331 for more details!

Fulfillment and Logistics for Pot Tags and Other Products:

Worried about logistics? So are we. That’s why Sato America has opened a whole new manufacturing facility for horticulture tag and label production. This year, between Sato and Loda, we plan to have a fully stocked warehouse in order to prepare for upcoming season. That said, it’s still best to order early in order to be ready.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Tag / Label Dimensions (W x H)

8in x 1in

Available colors

Lavender, Lime, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, Turquoise, White, Yellow

Thickness material type

24mil / Polyethylene (PX)

Roll package quantity


Case quantity


Purchase quantity


Feed type

Horizontal Feed (Side-to-Side)

Core size





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