Who We Are

While a slogan of “Printers, Labels, Tags” might seem simple enough, it truly just begins to scratch the surface of who we are here at Loda Enterprises. We certainly do offer all these products (not to mention a wide selection of other product identification supplies, software, equipment, and accessories), but our focus is less about selling supplies than has to do with discovering the needs and challenges our clients face. We take pride in applying our knowledge and experience to find the right solutions and earning repeat business by adding tangible value to individual operations environments. We don’t just want to be another supplier and simply sell the products we carry without considering whether they are the right fit.  Our goal is to instead be a reliable and trusted partner that business owners and end-users alike can count on for objective guidance and advice when it comes to their printing and labeling needs.

Where We Come From

Loda Enterprises was founded in 1985 by Loren Hart, who saw an opportunity to distribute price marking guns, labels, receipt paper, and other product identification solutions to local businesses in the mountain states region. As technology began to change and influence how business was being conducted, the company expanded into new product offerings and sought to serve a wide variety of industries. Today, what began as a company being run from the basement of Loren’s house has become a trusted name with customers all over the world.

What We Believe

No two customers are the same; some may favor efficiency or function over cost, for instance. Others might struggle to overcome specific challenges, or encounter complications that no out-of-the-box offering is going to be able to solve outright. Within the industry of on-demand label printing, there may be a dozen different ways to fill a general need, but through the careful consideration of specific requirements and applications, it is more likely that there is only one precise fit. Through our value-added service, we believe that everything we do should have the customer’s best interest in mind. It is our responsibility to consult with businesses and learn about the unique needs of their production while applying our expertise to offer the most ideal solutions available.